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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Extra ShapeOrig mesh node madness

I have been dealing with this phantom shapes for a while. Searched through internet, asked people and only found what everybody knows: they are shapes which saves original mesh.
There can be only one
Applying deformer over deformer, sometimes causes duplicated shapeOrig nodes. It's not a vital problem but extra data on the scene can cause innecesary bigger files.
Deleting history is not the solution. You can use File>Optimize scene to delete those nodes, but I wanted to know the truth about this extra nodes.

After examining for a while those nodes I found the obvious solution: if you have (for example) 2 shapeOrig on a mesh object, only one is the correct node, other one is simply rubbish. How to detect which one to delete? Simply as hell, the good one has an output connection, the other is simply watching time passing by with no connection.
Output connections, that's the real shapeOrig that is being used by deformers

No connections, safe to delete.
Just delete those extra shapeOrig without fear manually or just a simply auto script to found those shapeorig without connections.

That's it. Hope it helps.