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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visualization and naming tools - Part 1

First of all, this is a non finished package of tools but a work in progress.

Creating a rig is not just aligning bones and planting constraints. Is more about initial decisions and a "how to" methodology.
In this first part, I will show you the Channel Inspector tool. I designed this one as a need of control of my channels (Pos rot and scale) in both frozen and Zero.

Do not let that scale explode!

As you see in the next video, there's an "update" button. This is just to avoid the tool reading every transformation in the scene at every moment. There are a couple of "freeze transform" buttons. First one simply freeze transformations of every selected object and the second one is just to freeze transform only the not previously freezed objects. Finally Tranform to zero simply resets transforms to their original values (zero)

Just to comment, freeze transform i'm using is not the same as in 3Ds Max by default. Homemade!

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